Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions most often asked by people planning a visit to Sandringham; we hope you may find it helpful.


If you have a question this list does not answer, please send us an email from the Contact Us page.

Do I have to book my tickets in advance?

If you are planning to bring a group of more than 20 people, it is very helpful to book in advance. If you are visiting with fewer people than this, there is no need to book; the tour of the house is a Multimedia Tour and there are also guides in every room to answer questions. There are no timed tickets, so you can buy your ticket and walk straight in.

I've heard it's a long way from the car and coach parks to Sandringham House; how far is it, and is there any help available?

It is approximately 200 metres from the car and coach parks to the entrance to the Gardens. From the entrance, it's about another 450 metres to Sandringham House; an electric shuttle runs a service backwards and forwards between the entrance and Sandringham House, which you may find helpful. Further information on the shuttle and on the distances between various points is given on the Accessibility Guide

Please be aware that the shuttle runs only to Sandringham House, it does not go to the Sandringhan Exhibition & Transport Museum.

Can I go in and out of the Gardens more than once to go back to the car park?

Yes, you can go in and out; just ask for a hand stamp at the gardens entrance.

Can I take photographs at Sandringham?

Photography of any kind is not permitted inside Sandringham House. You are welcome to take pictures in the Sandringham Exhibition & Transport Museum and in the Gardens. The use of tripods and drones is not permitted anywhere at Sandringham without prior consent and approval of insurance and licence documentation.

Is Sandringham suitable for a visit using a wheelchair, scooter or baby buggy?

Sandringham House, Sandringham Exhibition & Transport Museum, Gift Shop, Sandringham Café & Coffee Shop and the Stables Tea Room are all fully accessible; we have adapted toilets and baby-changing facilities and we allow scooters and baby buggies inside the House and Sandringham Exhibition & Transport Museum. The paths in the Gardens are tarmac and gravel; there are two slopes which people using manual wheelchairs may find difficult - these are shown on the map in the Accessibility Guide

Are there wheelchairs or scooters available at Sandringham?

We have manual wheelchairs available for visitors to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis; these are kept at the Ticket Office, where staff will ask for a £20 deposit which will be refunded in full when the wheelchair is returned. We regret that we do not have scooters available for visitors to borrow.

At what age are people eligible for a Senior Citizen discount?

We offer discounted rates for people aged 60 and over.

I would like to bring my dog when I visit Sandringham - are dogs allowed in the Gardens?

We regret that dogs (except registered assistance dogs) are not permitted in the Gardens at Sandringham, though they are welcome, under close control, in the Country Park (where the car parks are). Please clean up after your dog and don't leave your dog unattended in a car under any circumstances.

My family includes a small baby – what facilities do you have for parents and families?

Baby buggies and baby slings or carriers can be taken inside Sandringham House, Sandringham Exhibition & Museum, Sandringham Café & Coffee Shop and Gift Shop. There are (unisex) baby-changing facilities inside the Sandringham Café & Coffee Shop toilets, and bottle warmers are available at the Sandringham Café & Coffee Shop – just ask a member of staff.

Can we bring picnics or barbecues to Sandringham?

You are welcome to picnic in the Country Park, where there are picnic tables in various locations, but we do not allow picnics inside the gardens of Sandringham House. For safety reasons, we do not allow barbecues anywhere in the gardens or in the Country Park; barbecues if lit may be extinguished by Country Park staff.

Can I get to Sandringham by public transport?

Yes. The nearest railway station is at King’s Lynn, and the number 35 bus service running from King’s Lynn Bus Station to Hunstanton and back stops at the Country Park. It leaves King’s Lynn about every 30 minutes, and the journey takes about 30 minutes; website details for further information about train and bus services are given on the Directions page.

Can I get to Sandringham by bicycle?

Sandringham is close to National Route 1 of the National Cycle Network. There are bicycle racks near the ticket office and toilets, but please be aware that you may not take bicycles into the Gardens, and that we have no left-luggage facilities for panniers (see below).

National Cycle Route 1

Do you have left-luggage facilities?

We regret that there are no left-luggage facilities at Sandringham, and we do not allow visitors to bring large bags or cases inside Sandringham House, Sandringham Exhibition & Transport Museum or Gardens.