Bringing your dog

Dogs at Sandringham

Visiting with your Dog

Bringing your dog to Sandringham

Dogs are welcome in the 243 hectares Royal Parkland to join you on a walk and water stations are available. There are areas where dogs are not permitted. Please familiarise yourself with these areas before your visit:

Dogs are welcome in the: 243 hectares of parkland, the Courtyard area including the Sandringham Shop and in dedicated areas in the Sandringham Restaurant.

Dogs are not permitted in the: House or Gardens, This is with the exception of assistance dogs.

Whilst most four-legged visitors are extremely well-behaved and welcome, not all our visitors are dog-loving people so we ask for your cooperation in the following ways to take care of the Estate and its residents when bringing your dog.

  • Please keep dogs on short leads in areas where there are likely to be a higher concentration of visitors - such as near the courtyard facilities and children’s play area. We have many little people visiting, some who are not experienced with dogs wanting to play.

  • Dogs are welcome anywhere in the 243 hectare Royal Parkland

  • You can enjoy outdoor refreshments with your dog at the courtyard from the Takeaway Terrace Café.

  • Dogs are permitted in designated areas only in the Sandringham Restaurant from 30th October.

  • All assistance dogs are welcome in the Gardens and inside the House.

  • Please clean up after your dog and use one of our bins provided, take away with you or adopt the stick and flick method in woodland areas as per the below.

  • Stick & Flick’ Area - We advise that dog owners do not bag up dog waste in woodland areas. We recognise that retrieving a dog waste filled plastic bag from trees or under bushes is now pervasive and significantly impacts upon the environment. The primary objective of ‘Stick and Flick’ in the wider Sandringham Royal Parkland, where visitor footfall is less than in the immediate vicinity of the Sandringham Courtyard area, is to prevent the considerable number of dog waste bags being disposed of in places such as under bushes or in trees, where they are both unsightly and hazardous, thus allowing dog waste to degrade naturally in the woodlands away from main footpaths.

  • Please do not leave your dog tied up and unattended or leave in your car, especially during warm days or if they are in distress.

  • When walking in the wider estate please keep to footpaths and keep dogs under close control due to livestock grazing.

  • Please be aware that September and in the Autumn are the months where in the past cases of Canine Seasonal Illness have been seen at Sandringham. Find out more about SCI.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.