Sandringham Country Park

country park

In 1968, 142 hectares of The Queen's private Estate at Sandringham was designated as a Country Park

The Country Park now spans nearly 243 hectares for visitors to enjoy. Planted with a mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees, mainly Corsican and Scots Pine mixed with Oak, Sweet Chestnut and Birch, and supports an abundance of animals, birds and plants.

For the most up to date information on visiting the Country Park please see our dedicated Covid-19 Pages

The Country Park is open daily throughout the year to walk or cycle and is dog friendly. There are two waymarked Nature Trails, one a leisurely 1½ miles long and the other 2½ miles long with many additional woodland paths to explore for a casual stroll or a meandering trek.

The Children's Play Area is currently closed for improvement and expansion works during the winter months to replace the current small play area, adding more challenging equipment, high level walkways, a high tower inspired by local Appleton Water Tower with multi-level water play, which will have also wheelchair access. We look forward to updating you as the development progresses.


Car Parks are open daily from 6am - 9pm with parking charges in place, in addition the toilet facilities at the Visitor Centre are open from 9am-4.30pm. The toilets are cleaned frequently as per the recent Covid-19 guidelines and sanitising stations are in place.

For further information on car parking charges please see Parking at Sandringham.

Please be aware of ticks in the countryside, particularly if you or your family go off paths into long grass or bracken. If you are unsure what a tick is or how to deal with these small parasites please read the following information leaflet