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Improvement Works - West Car Park


The Sandringham Estate is undergoing a series of improvement works to enhance the visitor experience whilst maintaining the landscape and environment for all to enjoy. In recent years, the number of visitors to the Sandringham Estate has increased significantly. The Royal Parkland in particular received over 600,000 visitors last year.

Following improvement works to the Visitor Centre, Courtyard and North Car Park, further scheduled works will commence in the West Car Park this spring.

The expansion of the West Car Park will offer a more accessible and better-quality parking facility to accommodate visitors to Sandringham, conveniently located near to popular parts of the Estate.

As part of the works, a number of existing trees which were first planted as commercial timber will be removed. The Estate has worked with local environmental bodies to ensure the felled trees will be replaced with a variety of trees and wildflower plantings that will more effectively encourage biodiversity in the area.

The redevelopment is part of a larger scale improvements and conservation work at Sandringham, across which the Estate aims to plant 17,000 trees over the next 12 months.

The felled trees will be repurposed sustainably as timber for new structures in the Children’s Play Area, and as chipping fuel for the biomass boiler which heats homes across the Estate.

The West Car Park will be open as usual throughout the works, which will begin at the end of February for three weeks.