Cafe at Sandringham

Improvement Works at Sandringham Visitor Centre & Royal Park

Improvement Works at Sandringham Visitor Centre & Royal Park

In recent years, the number of people and vehicles to Sandringham Estate has increased significantly, particularly in the Royal Parkland, which received over 500,000 visitors last year.

As was announced in October 2019, Sandringham Estate will implement a car parking charge to assist with the increasing cost of maintaining existing facilities and to allow funding for future developments to improve the Visitor Experience. These charges will come into effect on 2nd March 2020.

After a period of consultation, the Estate has reviewed valuable feedback from visitors and made subsequent changes to the proposed charges. These changes include increasing the period of free parking to 30 minutes; adding one hour’s free parking for the Farmer’s Market; and allowing two cars to be registered on one season ticket. The final charges are listed below.

Improvement Works Sandringham Courtyard

Currently, the Estate is undergoing improvement works with a view to offering better facilities for visitors, while also maintaining the landscape and environment for all to enjoy. Over recent months, visitors will have begun to see the first stage of improvements progressing around the Visitor Centre, with significant replanting underway in the arboretum and car parks, new pathways being laid to improve pedestrian access, lighting and buildings being redecorated.

The Estate is pleased to announce that the first stage of improvements will conclude this spring, with the new and improved shop, café and courtyard open from 3rd April 2020. From April, visitors will see the newly replanted car parks; an increase in the number of disabled bays; a newly opened pedestrian pathway between the car park and facilities; and a shuttle service available for those less able to get from the main car park to the café, shop and the facilities. An Arboretum will open beside the Country Park, which visitors will be able to access from the new pathways, and the courtyard to the front of the buildings will be enlarged and resurfaced with improved outdoor seating. From April, the redecorated buildings will reopen and some trees immediately adjacent will have been lifted and re-planted to create an entirely fresh and vibrant feel to the area surrounding the café. The gift shop will have been re-fitted with an expanded plant sales area and an entire new range of products developed around Sandringham, its Royal ownership and the Norfolk countryside. The Sandringham Café will also have received a major makeover.

From Autumn 2020, when the upcoming season ends, the second stage of improvements will begin, whereby new revenue will be invested into the continued improvement of the Country Park. Over the coming months, Sandringham Estate will be working closely with the community to understand which areas visitors would like to see focused on as part of these improvements. Further details will be shared in due course.