Play Area Developed

Improvement Works 2021

Improvement Works 2021

Improvement Works at Sandringham.

During 2020, the Sandringham Estate began the first stages of improvement works to offer better facilities for visitors and to maintain the surrounding landscape and environment.

Now into 2021, the second stage of improvements will begin in the Children's Play Area.

The design of new structures for the Children’s Play Area takes inspiration from features around the Estate. Local distinctive Appleton Water Tower, is the inspiration for a new accessible 8m water play tower which will become a key feature. In addition a toddler specific play area, high level walkways, landscaping and new seating areas will be also added in this next phase.

New generation planting is currently underway around our Visitor Car Parks and welcome area with work on the footpaths in the arboretum scheduled for the coming weeks.

Please be advised with these works in progress and due to the current latest lockdown, the arboretum and play area at present remain closed.