2018 December newsletter


Sandringham Parish Council news

The Parish Council met on 7th November with one member of the public in attendance. The Chairman reported progress on a number of items. The most important issue concerns whether we should raise a Precept, which means that householders would pay increased Community Charge bills from next April. We are being required to provide ever more services – many to save the Borough or central Government providing them – and this costs money, and the question for us has been how to pay, because we are one of a very small number of Parish Councils that doesn’t charge at all. A decision for the next financial year, which starts in April, would have to be taken by a formal vote at our next meeting in January. We are close to reaching an agreement that would enable us to meet this need for funds without charge households, so I am hopeful that in January we can avoid having to raise a Precept.

We have had no further news regards a mobile post office service for West Newton.

The Parish Council has been told that a later bus from King’s Lynn to West Newton and then going on to Hunstanton will be introduced at the next timetable change sometime about Easter next year. This will make it much better for students attending the College in King’s Lynn as well as workers and visitors to the town. In addition it will mean that those working at Sandringham, coming from Dersingham and points North of there, can return home at the end of the day.

Each County Councillor has a County Council fund which can be spent on small items in his or her own Division. We are part of the Dersingham Division, and therefore share a County Councillor with them. We have decided to support their Parish Council’s request for some of this fund to be put towards making a proper bus stop close to the Health Centre, and new Village Centre, on Chapel Road, as that would make it easier for our residents from West Newton and Sandringham reach the doctor’s surgery and other facilities.

There is concern at the number of blocked roadside drains in the parish, and we were advised that a scheme to alleviate the regular flooding at the entrance to Sandringham Visitor Centre car park will start in November. However a list of other blocked drains was put together to be forwarded to the County Council Highways Rangers service. This visits each parish in rotation dealing with small-scale matters that have already been advised to them, and it is hoped that some of these drains will be cleared before Winter weather really sets in.

Members of the Parish Council, and local residents of Wolferton who lived in the village thirty five years ago, were invited to, and attended a re-dedication of the memorial to Squadron Leader Michael Stephens, the Tornado pilot who was killed when his aircraft lost power and navigation and came down over the marshes on the edge of the village. A memorial was erected soon after and has now been refurbished by RAF personnel, and was re-dedicated at a special service there on 27th September. The story of this, the first of two air crashes on Wolferton Marshes, is told elsewhere in this edition of Village Voice. Please note that the memorial cannot be visited as it is on private, restricted land.

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