April 2018 newsletter

4TH APRIL 2018

From Sandringham Parish Council

The Parish Council’s own website is now up and running. Visit us at www.sandringhamparishcouncil.org and tell us what you think. You can see who your Parish Councillors are, meeting dates – which you are welcome to attend and observe – and Agendas and Minutes of meetings. You will also find formal letters we have written, such as recently to the Boundary Commission, and, Minutes of meetings. You will also find formal letters we have written, such as recently to the Boundary Commission, and, click on News for past Village Voice notes which will be updated for each edition. With easy access to the website, and, as you’ll read below, soon Wolferton will also have superfast broadband, the Parish Council has decided to no longer post Minutes of its meetings on the village notice boards at Babingley, West Newton and Wolferton. Agendas will continue to be posted but NOT Minutes. The Parish Council met on 10th January and discussed and reach agreements on a number of important matters. These included the setting of a Precept, our final submission to the Boundary Commission, the naming of roads in the Parish and the requirement to hold a Parish Assembly each year. Details of our discussions and what we agreed can be found by reading the Minutes for that meeting on our website.

The Parish Council met again on 7th March. A number of key points discussed included:

  • Broadband for Wolferton – this is imminent and still on course for delivery during April.
  • Naming of roads and signs – this too is imminent as roads in the parish have to be named.
  • Parish Assembly – we are required to hold what is in effect an annual Open Day and are working towards one to be held during June
  • Plans for the commemoration of the end of World War I on 11th November this year.
  • Future provision of bus services – details are given separately below but the Council discussed the very early last bus from King’s Lynn passing through West Newton and Sandringham to Hunstanton and other deficiencies and we are writing to the County Council to press for those parts of the timetable to be reviewed and improved.
  • Average speed cameras on the A149 – the County Council has written saying that these cameras will be erected along the A149 between Knights Hill and Heacham to enforce the 60mph limit, the purpose being to reduce the accident rate. The widely held view is that it is not the speed as such but the badly designed junctions which cause the very high accident rate, especially at places like Castle Rising. We shall be writing to the County Council to support measures to reduce accidents but to press for them to deal with the cause of accidents rather than what appears as a fund raising measure.
  • Mobile Post Office – the Post Office is proposing to have a mobile office visit West Newton on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and to park in the roadway to the Village Hall, opposite the shop and social club. They are asking for views, and the parish council will write in strong support of the proposal.

New bus times from Monday 30th April

You will have read in the papers about Stagecoach ending its services in West Norfolk and this includes those passing through the parish. From Sunday 29th April, Lynx will run all the routes, with the 34 and 36 running three times an hour (twice on Sunday) along the A149 serving Babingley and the nearest stop to Wolferton.

The 35 will cover Sandringham Caravan Club site stop, West Newton and Sandringham Visitor Centre. Taking the times at West Newton Church as a guide, they will run at the following times during the week and on Saturdays, but times are different on Sunday with the first bus to Lynn leaving at 10.53am

To King’s Lynn: 8.10am on schooldays, then 9.43am and every hour until 5.43pm

Return from K Lynn: 9am then every hour until 4pm

To Dersingham and Hunstanton: 9.18am and every hour until 4.18pm

Return from Hunstanton: 9.05am and every hour until 5.05 pm (pick up Dersingham 25 minutes later)

News from Wolferton

Broadband – there was great excitement months ago when the new green cabinet appeared, and we thought we would be connected to Faster Broadband by the year end. That was not to be, as a result of some technicality to do with the power supply. More recently a trench has been dug across the entrance to Church Lane and we now know we are about a month away from being able to connect. St Peter’s Church roof – The roof, particularly the North facing side, is in need of urgent essential repair, and the Parochial Church Council has received a quote of nearly £250k to do it. It bid for funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund in the Autumn but was not successful. Normally a further bid would be made but that Fund has now been wound up, so it will be competing with much larger projects of a national and regional scale, and that means more funds will have to be raised by local effort. A number of events will be held to raise funds and you are urged to come and help. Wolferton social club – the Annual General Meeting of the Social Club was held on 7th March and with a bigger turnout than in previous years. Apart from the formal business, the main discussion was on how to attract more people to use the facility, not just when it is currently open, but during the day as well.

Forthcoming Events at the social club –

  • Thursday 29th March – Wolferton Folk Club meets at 7.30pm
  • Thursday 12th April – Wolferton Folk Club meets at 7.30pm
  • Saturday 14th April – 60s music and dance to music by Side Walk, club opens 8pm dancing from 9pm
  • Sunday 15th April – Cash bingo, eyes down at 8pm
  • Tuesday 17th April – Prize bingo, eyes down at 7.30pm
  • Thursday 26th April – Wolferton Folk Club meets at 7.30pm
  • Thursday 10th May – Wolferton Folk Club meets at 7.30pm
  • Tuesday 15th May – Prize bingo, eyes down at 7.30pm
  • Sunday 20th May – Cash bingo, eyes down at 8pm

Coffee morning – on Saturday 24th March a coffee morning will be held at the Social Club from 10am till 12 noon. As well as coffee and cake, there will be a raffle, a book and cake stall, and lucky straws.

Proceeds will go to St Peter’s Church, Wolferton, and the Happy Memories Club (for people living with dementia and their carers). All are welcome.

Quiz Night – a quiz night is being held at the Social Club on Friday 11th May in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK. Teams of up to four players for a fee of £10. Please contact Pat Ranger to book your table, either on 01553 770259 or by text to 07810 318230.

Plant sale – A plant sale will be held on the Green from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 12th May in aid of the St Peter’s Church roof fund. Refreshments and Raffle will be held in the Social Club. Please make a note in your diary and come along.

For your diary – Future cash bingo meetings will be held at the Social Club on 17th June, 15th July, 12th August, 9th September, 7th October, 4th November and 2nd December, all eyes down at 8pm.

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