Redevelopment of the Visitor Centre and Car Parks

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The Estate is undergoing some redevelopments with a view to offering improved facilities for visitors.

Set within the heart of the 8,000 hectare Sandringham Estate is Sandringham House, the private residence of Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family.

Each year, thousands of people are welcomed to the Sandringham Estate to enjoy the Country Park, House, Museum and Gardens throughout the seasons. In recent years, the number of people and vehicles to the Estate has increased significantly, particularly in the Country Park, which received over 400,000 visitors last year.

In light of the increase in numbers, the Estate is undergoing some redevelopments with a view to offering improved facilities for visitors, while also maintaining the landscape and environment for all to enjoy.

Over the next few months, visitors to the Estate will begin to see some of the redevelopments taking place, particularly in regard to the Visitor Centre and car parks.

A review of the car parking arrangements is currently in progress. Visitors may have seen some of the initial works underway, including the thinning of old conifer trees to allow in more light and the re-planting of a more diverse range of trees that will offer a better habitat for wildlife. The Estate is politely encouraging visitors to use the designated parking areas as opposed to the grass verges, which form part of the landscape.

For safety purposes, separate pathways have been created in the car parks for pedestrians and vehicles, which will enable a natural route from the car parks to the facilities. Plans are also in place to develop an Arboretum from an area of woodland beside the Country Park, which visitors will be able to access from the new pathways.

In addition to the external developments, the Estate is also looking to improve the experience for visitors to Sandringham House through the introduction of a new multi media tour. The technology aims to bring the history and workings of the house and wider estate to life using film, imagery and narration. As the tour develops, it will be available in a number of languages.

Further updates about the redevelopment will be available as the plans progress.