Guidance on exercising in the Country Park

Country park

We ask that you act responsibly maintaining social distancing measures and remain vigilant at all times.

Guidance on exercising safely in the Country Park

We know how crucial it is for people’s physical and mental wellbeing to be able to have access to valuable green spaces, and we want to encourage responsible use of the park for exercise whilst adhering to social distancing requirements.

  • Please be patient and give each other space when entering or exiting the Country Park especially when/if gates are present

  • Try to exercise in the mornings or late afternoon when the park is at its quietest

  • The Country Park is not a gym. Please do not use benches, tables, trees, lamp posts, monuments as gym equipment

  • Please do not bring large items of fitness equipment to the park - keep it to handheld sized equipment e.g. yoga mat, kettle bells or resistance bands

  • Walk, don’t run, on more favoured/busier paths. There are many paths in our parks so please try to run on the quiet ones

  • Don’t cycle in groups - ride solo and ensure you allow an appropriate space when passing other park users

  • Please do not play amplified music in the Country Park, listen to nature and the birds

  • Please do not affix anything to trees, lamp posts, benches, fences or any other structures

In line with Government guidance, if you have a high temperature, or new continuous cough, please postpone your visit to Sandringham Country Park, and stay at home for 14 days. Please also ensure that you practice good hand hygiene, following guidelines on how to avoid the virus, details of which can be found here on the NHS website.