Sandringham Newsletter

April - May 2017

Country Park staff are preparing Sandringham Park for the Horse Driving Trials which will take place there at the end of June. As well as the usual competitions, the event is hosting a visit by the Coaching Club, who will be driving large coaches. Entry is free for spectators, and the skill of the drivers and the elegance of the sport are well worth going to see.

On the Farm, sowing of spring cereals is almost complete, and vining peas are now being sown. There should be a crop of around 500 tons of peas which are grown under contract for freezing, and when the time comes they will need to be harvested, delivered and frozen inside 2 hours. Elsewhere, organic cereal crops have been weed harrowed, and grass and clover have been sown to help build fertility on the heavier land. The very dry April has not as yet affected crop emergence, but as on farms across the region more rain soon will be very welcome.

Gardens staff have completed their spring pruning, which has produced fresh growth on shrubs across the Gardens. Moorhen chicks are now appearing on the lakes in the Gardens alongside the ducklings and goslings, and swifts and house martins have returned in numbers and are building nests in their usual places on walls and under eaves of houses across the Estate.

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