Sandringham Newsletter

August - September 2017

The last few weeks have been very busy ones on the Estate. The blackcurrant harvest has been completed and the cereal harvest started with winter barley in early July, one of the earliest starts for a long time. Most of the barley was brought in before the weather turned, and the current cool and showery weather is now holding up the rest of the grain harvest.

After the Flower Show in late July, Sandringham Park was the venue for the Food and Drink Festival in August and is now being prepared for the Game and Country Fair in September.

A television crew filmed on the Estate for a week this month. They visited many parts of the Estate, from the top of the sea wall to the top of the water tower and from the Royal Stud to the blackcurrant fields, showing the diverse habitats and wildlife to be found on the Estate.

In the Gardens, the wetter weather meant that there was less need for irrigation but it also promoted the growth of both grass and weeds, so gardeners have been busy keeping both under control, as well as carrying out the annual summer trimming of the yew and box hedges in front of Sandringham House.

At the Visitor Centre, the Plant Centre is undergoing renovation and restocking. The Visitor Centre has been as busy as ever during the school holidays, although everybody would probably have preferred the weather to have been a little kinder.

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