Sandringham Newsletter

January – February 2017

Forestry staff have been gradually clearing windblown trees across the Estate, and thinning trees in various areas. Much of the timber is taken to the Sawmill for use as posts and fences and for firewood logs. December and January were overall fairly dry months, which has been helpful for the Forestry team and also on the Farm, where the sugar beet harvest continues.

In the Gardens, this is a busy time of year: the North End Garden has been mulched with composted leaf and the Jubilee beds are being mulched with composted woodchips. Repairs to the turf edges along the main drive and other pathways have started, the wall shrubs in the Square garden have been pruned and tied in, the holly hedges along the Dell path have been trimmed and the annual task of pruning the red-twigged limes in the North Garden is under way.

At the Visitor Centre, the usual stocktaking, spring cleaning and refurbishment has been completed and the shops are now beginning to stock up with new lines for the coming season.

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