Sandringham Newsletter

November – December 2016

The drier weather for the last few weeks has helped the gardeners in their annual task of gathering fallen leaves. They are mulched and then spread on beds and borders to help improve the soil structure which is otherwise very light and sandy. A major job recently was to dredge the lower lake; leaves and other plant material falling into the lake do not rot down because of the lack of oxygen, so they gradually build up and need to be removed every few years. The lake then becomes slightly cooler because the water is deeper, which helps to prevent algae build-up and makes a better environment for the fish and other water creatures living in it.

On the Farm, the dry spell at the end of November has allowed the winter wheat drilling to be finally completed. The sugar beet harvest is well under way and yields seem to have been improving. This is also the time for hedge cutting across the Estate.

The Visitor Centre Restaurant hosted a lunch for West Norfolk Befrienders clients and volunteers at the Visitor Centre in November. Between preparing meals and producing jams and chutneys, the chefs have also found time to make a gingerbread village, complete with skating penguins and a railway line, which has been on display in the main Restaurant.

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